Promise begins shipping its SANLink Thunderbolt to 4GB FC Adapter

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Promise today announced availability of its Thunderbolt-to-Fiber Channel adapter. The long awaited adapter, previewed at NAB, allows recent model MacBooks, iMacs and Mac minis to access direct-attached enterprise storage and even Xsan. (So, OK. You need to be creative if you are using a separate metadata Ethernet network like 98% of us.)

The device runs for $799, and is sold by many Promise resellers, including Tekserve and the Apple Web Store.


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Hey guys. I know a lot of people are interested in SANLink so I thought I
would share some info on the product.
Different firmware same LSI card.

Its a full fibre card in the SANLink. You get the same colors on the ports as
well to indicate speed. Works well, turns the mini into a powerful SAN

2 Port Promise SAN Link
Vendor: LSILogic
Product: SANLink
Revision: Firmware, EFI
Bus: PCI

2 Port Apple Fibre Card
Vendor: LSILogic
Product: LSI7204EP
Revision: Firmware, EFI

-Trevor Carlson

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Could the thunder bolt port support it IF, when promise releases v2 of SanLink
it not only has a 4Gb fiber port, but also a Gigabit Ethernet port too?

Thunder bolt> Fiber & GigE

That would be pretty awesome. iMacs, Mini's, and Laptops on our Sans without
using the USB/Network converter.

Nathan Rausch

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honestly, it just the lsi card in a box with a thunderbolt mux, i really dont know
how much original engineering promise did here.

-Trevor Carlson

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i wanted to add one more thing. I have been using it on a mini with a
thunderbolt display. it has that second ethernet through the thunderbolt display.
a macbook air with the thunderbolt display was getting 750MB/s of a promise
vtrak x30. pretty cool solution, that second interface isnt much of an issue when
you have the thunderbolt display. not to mention you can plug in your legacy
firewire drives.

-Trevor Carlson

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Has anyone tried using the Mini as an MDC yet with the SANLink? If so, how did
it work? What did you use for the second ethernet port?

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in test yes. i used the apple usb ethernet adapater

-Trevor Carlson

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I'm wondering if anyone has used the SanLink yet, I'd love to hear some reviews
on the product!

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Yes, I'd like to at least someone wrote something about it.