CatDV Installation Checklist

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A number of organizations are looking at what to do now that Final Cut Server is no longer being sold by Apple. There are a lot more options to handle Digital Asset Management than there were when Final Cut Server was initially introduced, and each should be reviewed based on all the requirements your organization has.

318 has been doing a lot of work with CatDV recently and as such, we are starting to build a large library of assets for the product (scripts, SOPs, etc). We have built a checklist for the installation and planning of a CatDV asset management system. The checklist is a quick guide to server installation, worker nodes, client configuration, using SSL, watch folders, conditions, queries, conversations and processing. To download the paper, see the TechJournal at:

CatDV is only one of the many options that you have regarding asset management. But in many respects it is the product most closely aligned with Final Cut Server both in functionality and price. Nothing would make me happier than this thread resulting in other experiences with other products, so I look forward to what I hope is a lively discussion on this!