Breaking: Active Storage Shuts Down

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We were shocked to hear to hear this weekend that Active Storage has closed its doors. While the all details are still coming to light, it's clear that the Mac-focused storage manufacturer has or will soon go out of business.

Here's what we know:

We also know that without manufacturer support, it's going to be rough for Active's thousands of customers. They will face tough decisions to continue to rely on installed units or to forklift a replacement.

At my company Tekserve, we've already begun contacting our customers to assure them of our commitment, no matter what happens to the manufacturer. We been supporting Active since the beginning, but we also support Avid, Isilon, Promise, and Quantum, among others. The Enterprise Mac universe is much more robust and healthier than any single manufacturer. One door closes and others open.

I'm also committed to keeping Xsanity alive and well. Please post your comments in our forum thread on Active. And if you're out at MacIT/MacWorld next week, come find me so we can gossip! I'm speaking on Thursday and we'll have a table at the Expo.