Future Directions for Xsanity

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At the end of March, Xsanity will be eight years old. I don't know about you, but I find that hard to believe. In software-years, that's like Methuselah or something.

We've outlived both the Xserve RAID and the Xserve. (Boy, that was a wild day.) We witnessed OS X Server transition from a $1,000 operating system into a $20 "app". Pretty big companies have come and gone. Who knew we'd still be around?

There is no doubt who is to thank for this. There is a core group of community members who generously contiribute their experience and wisdom to each question. These are the posters with a fully-redundant Xserve RAID next to their names. (The icon originally represented the state of the art. Perhaps now it says "old timer"?) You guys are the people who keep the site on track, and make it such a great community. Other forums are filled with orphaned questions. But on Xsanity every real question gets a thoughtful and helpful response. You guys are awesome.

Still, there is no denying that our world is changing. And if we are to keep relevant, Xsanity is going to change too.

So I ask you, where should we go? We aren't going to abandon Xsan. But we can expand to include other enterprise storage for Macs. Or perhaps all enterprise storage. Or virtualization.

I invite you to help start this conversation and see where we go.

Please comment here: http://www.xsanity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18113