Quantum Responds to Active Storage Shutdown

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[Editor Nore: Quantum began sending an email to Active Storage partners today, including Tekserve. Quantum's channel manager Brandon Cass asked me to post it to Xsanity. I encourage your continued comments in the Active Storage forum thread. --Thanks.]

Dear Active Storage Partner,

We wanted to make sure you were aware that this past Friday Active Storage effectively ceased continuing operations. We are very sensitive to the fact that many of your customers are planning or recently purchased an Active SAN. As you may already be aware, Active Storage had been an OEM partner of the StorNext file system. For Quantum this represents an opportunity as Active Storage had a strong market position, an experienced sales / SE team, and a customer base familiar with StorNext. Quantum also has a very strong position in the market serving thousands of customers worldwide in the M&E market with our StorNext file system, Storage Manager, Metadata Controllers, Disk, Tape Archive and now our Lattus Wide Area Storage solutions.

In addition, many on the Active Storage team recognized this as a fit and approached us about joining the Quantum team. Quantum decided to add a substantial portion of the Active Storage field team to join our efforts effective immediately. The team will be focused on providing their partners and customers a Quantum based solution going forward. Although you may not have been a Quantum reseller previously, we would like to continue to support you and your sales activity in conjunction with the Active members that have joined the Quantum team. We would also like to discuss the opportunity for you to join the Quantum Alliance reseller program to help you continue to bring world class tiered storage solutions to your customers. Below is a FAQ that may also help answer additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Quantum acquire Active Storage?

No, Quantum has not acquired Active Storage, their products, or their technology.

2. Did Active Storage go out of business?

We have been informed that Active Storage has closed its facility and is in the process of winding down its operations. We can also confirm that many of their employees have reached out to inquire about job opportunities at Quantum. They recognize that Quantum is investing in the Media market and continuing to deliver innovative solutions for their customers.

3. Is Quantum taking responsibility for the Active Storage Installed Base?

Active Storage’s commitment to their customer base is a question that they must answer. Quantum has not assumed Active Storage’s commitments to their customers, including service contracts and support agreements. Quantum and Active Storage share end-user customers and Quantum will continue to deliver service and support to customers that purchased Quantum-branded solutions. If your customer has questions about the Active Storage installed base, please engage Lance Hukill and Seth Cohen.

4. But wasn’t Quantum StorNext a key component of Active Storage SAN solutions?

Active Storage was an OEM partner of Quantum StorNext software. They integrated it with their hardware and offered it under the Active brand with their own service offerings and support agreements. Quantum is not assuming responsibility/liability for supporting Active Storage’s customer base.

5. What is the best way for me to find out more information about the Quantum Alliance Reseller Program?

For general information please go to http://alliance.quantum.com/na/overview.aspx. For specific questions please feel free to contact Seth Cohen at seth.cohen@quantum.com or Andy Brinck at andy.brinck@quantum.com.

We have included two links in case you’re not aware of Quantum’s StorNext solutions. The first link summarizes Quantum’s appliance family and the second link is a recent IDC report that highlights the business results customers have achieved with StorNext technology.

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