Archiware P5 Archive v5.1.2 adds incremental archives to CP Archive App

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Archiware has just released the 5.1.2 version of P5, their data management suite, which the CP Archive App uses to add archiving features to Cantemo Portal.

Version 5.1.2 introduces a feature I've been asked for many times in the past, and finally it's there: incremental archives.
Though P5 has already supported incremental archives in earlier versions, version 5.1.2 adds this feature to the command-line API, which the CP Archive App uses. P5 now checks for every file the CP Archive App sends to P5 on the command-line, if it has already been archived and hasn't changed since then.

If a file is new or has been modified since its original archiving, P5 will archive it again, otherwise, it will not store it on tape again.
This is a huge benefit for media archives, as most restores of media files happen to read these files only without modifying them.
The CP Archive App as well as other solutions usually trigger archiving of items automatically x days after creation, so without incremental archiving your archive can grow much faster than you expect.

If you prefer to archive complete projects without linking to older, existing tapes, you can still do this. Incremental archiving can be turned on in the UI while setting up an archive plan:

As you can see in the screenshot, activating incremental archiving is a single switch in the settings of an archive plan.

I think this alone is a very good reason to upgrade (or switch) to Archiware P5 Archive.