OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Xsan

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After spending a few days with Yosemite, I am happy to say that both OS X Server and Xsan still exist and work as expected.


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Any new numbers after "xsan"?

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I'm running Yosemite as well and we're having some issues with XSAN. How can I find out what version of XSAN Yosemite is running on my Macbook Pro?

Thanks in advance!

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Double click the computer in xsan admin. Are your controllers Yosemite?

-Trevor Carlson

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Well, I'm on a client machine, so I don't have access to the xsan admin. My IT guy is claiming that Yosemite has XSAN version 4 and that it's different than the XSAN version 3 that comes with Mavericks...is this true?

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That is probably why you are having issues. If the controllers of the Xsan you are part of have an OS older then yours, then there is an incompatibility since the changes from Xsan versions are backwards compatible but not necessarily the opposite. From an older thread, you can find a supported Xsan/OS chart from this link.

To summarize, you should always have the latest OS on the Metadata Controller of the Xsan and the same/older for connected clients.

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Your controllers need to be a newer or current to your clients. Also, you should not be running beta sofrware on a production storage network. No downgrade your system and be patient for a stable release of yosemite. If you have to use yosemite for a feature or bug fix, connect over re-share.

-Trevor Carlson

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Don't run beta software on a production SAN.

If you have a test SAN, set it up totally on Yosemite. However make sure you can log into the Xsan developer forums at Apple's web site. You can much more freely get responses to your problems there.

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A bit of follow-up. Xsan 4 uses profiles to make Xsan easier to setup and deploy. Server.app now handles controller and volume management.

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That's actually pretty good news- that they're actually "working" on Xsan and tweaking its features instead of just pushing through a simple compatibility update and upping the version number :)

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Hopefully your MDC's won't restart after two weeks. I'm waiting at least a month before I upgrade to Yosemite.

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