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Poor SMB reshare write performance


Our 10.8.5 Xsan 3 SAN is reshared by an Xserve via AFP and SMB. Currently AFP performance is as good as 100MB/sec for read and write but SMB performance on Windows clients is terrible, with only about 40MB/sec read and <10MB/sec write.

Is anyone else resharing via SMB to Windows clients? How is your performance?

Some additional notes:
-Not isolated to our reshare server. I setup a test SMB reshare off the backup MDC with the same results.
-OS X SMB clients perform better than Windows - as good as 60-70MB/sec read and write.
-Definitely Xsan related - shares off the boot volume SMB performance is fine.

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xsand[24]: mkdir File exists — what does this mean?


I'm seeing this message on a client's console log continously:

4/21/14 10:01:51.150 AM xsand[24]: mkdir '/Volumes/WALL_E': File exists


I'm not sure what this means. The volume is mounted and available. No duplicate volume name appears in /Volumes/. (I did a brief google search).  And this is only one of the two Xsan volumes we have. Anyone have any possible insight or ideas?


Servers are 10.9.2, but this client is 10.8.5. (Waiting on delivery of new Darth Vader Trash Cans to mvoe to 10.9)

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