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Fast cvfsck question


We have three SANs that have started failing over very frequently after we updated to Mavericks and Xsan 3.1. After trying a great many things, I'm concerned that the SAN definitions might corrupted.

I've just learned about the cvfsck command in Xsan, and the steps to check if a volume has problems. I just have one question:

1) How long does this process take? The first two SANs are the ones we're concerned about. SAN1 is 42 TB and SAN2 is 36 TB. We're in the middle of Baseball Season and we're ingesting a lot of video of the Seattle Mariners every day. We need to find a time to run this test but I'm not sure how long it could take. Any approximate guesses?

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File disappear and cvfsck clean real folders

Sorry for my bad english!!

Here's my question!

it's not the first time i encounter this error.

After one month of work something goes wrong and the XSAN Volume let disappear files created and copied inside

after this strange situation i'm trying to copy files from the XSAN to another backup disk but during copy finder start hangs so i need to restart the mdc and mdc backup server

Stopping Volume making a sudo cvfsck -j command and fsck -nv to check the integrity and finding some issue about metadata journal i use cvfsck -wv to repair xsan and i saw disappear from my volume a big list of files and data about 2TB

after repair appears a list of files and folders

with FOUND.0x……..

After this commad my Open Directory master stop working

do you know how i can recover lost files?

and fix this error

I have an iscsi Volume created with ATTO Xtend San latest version Server 10.8.5


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