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RAID not mounting after doubling space

We recently added 3 new 24TB racks to our DotHill server and after 2 days, the server crashed.  We've been troubleshooting for a few days now and have been navigating in the meta controller to possibly have the server at least mount again.  After digging and running cvfsck, we have managed to get to this point.  I have pasted where we are at now.


meta1:~admin$ sudo cvfsck -n OCEAN3


Checked Build disabled - default

*Warning*: Icb has a configuration mismatch!

Icb mismatches configuration:

  File System Stripegroup count Mismatch. exp-5 rcv-3


Created directory /tmp/cvsck451a for temporary files.

Attempting to acquire arbitration block… successful.


Creating MetadataAndJournal allocation check file.

Creating Video-1 allocation check file.

Creating Video-2 allocation check file.

*Fatal*: Metadata inode for stripe group 'Video-3" has been damaged. Giving up.

*Fatal*: cvfsck ASSERT failed "idinobuf.idi_flags & InodeFlagMetaData" file cvfs ck.c, line 6072


It seems that it is not recognizing our new added racks, given the Count Mismatch.  I've read in another forum about this and it said that the sector count could be exceeding the kernal limit.  We'd like to try and at least have the all the raids be recognized so we can go in and reconfigure it back to the original raid, giving up on adding the new space for now.


Any thoughts would be apprecciated and please forgive me if I've missed some basic info that someone may need to help with our issue.  Just ask and I'll find/supply any additional info necessary.





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