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Rebuilding OD and keeping an existing xsan volume in 10.10

So after lots of testing and trials, I got this process to work. WRSTUDEN had the steps all right, it was just missing some steps to make it work for me.

This is to fixed a 10.10 OD issues by rebuilding the OD and connecting to back to an existing Xsan system

Backup your old xsan config files from /Library/Preference/Xsan
backup the system (just in case you need to restore)
back up your users if you can
Format the hard drive and reinstall the OS and server app

Now you have a clean fresh install.

In Server App Create New OD MASTER, import your users if you want to at this stage. (I did it at the end but I don’t think it makes a difference)
In Server App turn on Xsan (For SAN NAME use the exact same name you had used before)
This creates new Xsan config files and a new xsan config group in LDAP
Close Server app
Open up the new xsan config file (config.plist) at /Library/Preferences/Xsan and copy and past the following into the original config file from your old system:
the line below certSetRevision,
the line below sanRevision
and the line below sanUUID

The idea is to trick the system into thinking it created these files, and to re connect to the existing xsan
Once you copy the strings over, replace the original xsan config files the system made with the originals with modified stings of into /Library/Preferences/Xsan (I replaced all of the config files in the folder)
Copy those config files settings into LDAP with terminal - “sudo xsanctl pushConfigUpdate”
This will update the LDAP with the new xsan settings. If you got the stings wrong, they commend will error out and not work
Open server app
You should now have your original volumes listed in the Xsan pan
You can start the SAN from the GUI
Add all your users back and you are golden. If you have to rebuild the users you will have to reset permission on the volume for you clients to work.

This took a while to figure out, I hope it will help others.

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Open Directory Replica on a MDC - Incorrect Search Policy


Im having an issue I hope someone can enlighten me on. 

I have an xsan environment with 2 metadata controllers. MDC1 is just a the master controller. MDC 2 is also a AFP re-share and is an open directory master. 

All clients and MDC’s are bound to MDC2 open directory master. 

When MDC2 needs to be rebooted all clients loose ACL’s to the xsan because the OD is offline. 

I made the MDC1 an open directory replica and that functions as expected. Unfortunately now in xsan admin MDC1 now says “Incorrect Search Policy”  because it is now bond to itself and not MDC2. 

How can I have both? Can a MDC not be a OD Replica?

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