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Updating Xserve 3,1 (early 2009) MDC's from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5


Hello folks,

I have XSAN with 4 server clients (2 MDC's, 1 Presstore, 1 soon to be retired FCS) and 7 workstations. I need to upgrade the Xserve 3,1 MDC's from 10.6.8 to 10.8 to accommodate a stornext FX client running redhat/centOS6 for our new mam. 10.6.8 stability has been bliss. Can anyone who has done the upgrade comment on Filesystem stability, caveats, experience... Any info or advice on the upgrade would be helpful.



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Mac clients flooding Quantum MDCs with requests on startup.

We have an assortment of Mac clients that connect to Quantum MDCs (M440/5) for the volumes. When these Macs (running Mavericks) startup , they flood the MDCs with request for their LUNS. Something in the startup of the OS isn't showing the fiber LUNs at that time, so the client asks the MDCs again, and again, and so on. When the LUNs finally do show up on the fiber ports, Xsan connects to the volumes just fine.

Is there a way to delay Xsan startup until the fiber ports have been initialized properly?

We are using ATTO CelerityFC8 fiber cards, and zoned via Brocade DCX switches.


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XSAN 3 - problems creating volume


I have the following problem with a new XSAN 3 setup: no matter what settings i use (block size, number of blocks, type of volume, etc., cache) i get the same kind of error: the volume is created and mounted and if i copy a file (i.e.: an image) onto it, only the first part is ok. Depending on the block size, i might view the first 50% of the lines of the image or the first 20% or almost all the image (i am using a 300k sample). The only way i was able to use the volume was if i created it using only one data LUN (besides the metadata). With 2 or more LUN's this happens all the time. Any ideas ? I should mention i am using the new Mac Pro's + Sanlink 2 + Qlogic 9200 + VTrak E830f.

Thank you all.

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Xsan 2.2 is now available


It needed a bit of extra time on the oven, but Xsan 2.2 is now available for download. You can find it in several flavors:

Or you can just use Software Update. (I can't remember a release of the full installer like this before. It is certainly a nice touch.)

Make sure you update your metadata controllers before updating clients. To be safe, make a backup of your MDC's /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/Config folder. And don't go enabling extended attributes until everyone is running Xsan 2.2.

[Update: Please note the interesting experiences in the comments below.]

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