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Xsan in Tour de France Coverage

I'm not the only guy on the Xsanity crew who watched every stage of this year's Tour de France. So I love, love, love this success story just posted at Apple: covering the Tour demands top-speed performance with zero margin for error, so the United Kingdom's VTV production company and Soho-based Molinare broadcast facility dumped an old Avid workflow in favor of Xsan, Final Cut Pro and PictureReady. Sounds like the 20TB Xsan rose to the challenge like a champ.

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Xsan and Ichat conflict

Is anyone having problem with ichat in a xsan1.1 environment. I couldnt get ichat to work as it says the firewall is blocking the port. I cant open the port in system preference because when i go under firewall settings it say other firewall is running. Tried the terminal command to flush ip firewall and deleted firewall prefs. No luck in setting up ichat or bonjour.
The systems have a seperate network for xsan and internet. All systems are on Tiger 10.42. Any suggestions as to how to get it to work ? Thank you.

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Installing XSan on Tiger Clients

I'm setting up an Xsan with 2 controllers (xserves) and 5 clients (powermacs). All are using Tiger and XSan 1.1. I have my controllers set up and the volume works, but the clients are running Tiger and I seem to only have the retail boxes for xsan 1.0 for Panther. This won't install on the clients because they are running Panther.

I've downloaded the xsan 1.1 update for Tiger and that installs correctly.

My problem is the clients can't be seen by the XSan Admin. Is there another piece of software i'm missing? Is something else missing?

Thanks in advance.

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StorNext Client availibility

Does anyone here have a source for StorNext client for Windows? I can't find a single vendor that will sell it to me. I find it incredible that Apple list StorNext as their Windows and Linux solution for XSAN and don't even make the software available from their store. We are in talks with a local vendor for ADIC but even getting an evaluation copy has taken over a months so far (and we still don't have it).

Having championed XSAN on its cross-platform merits I'm finding this embarrassing.

Can anyone help?

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can get client to mount volume

One of my clients stopped mounting my san volume this morning after a reboot. I am at my wits end.

I have:
Repaired permissions
zapped pram
cleared out all xsan components (as mentioned in the topic "Uninstalling, Cache files, and the like".
Reinstalled xsan.

It lists fine in the admin utility, looks like its attempting to mount - but doesn't mount the volume. No error message.

I am running tiger 10.4.2 and xsan 1.1 on all systems.

Any advice?


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Dropping Frames


a clients video-xsan: 5 seat, single mdc, two xserve raid; is dropping frames while playing out shows. Happened after 4 month of smooth operation.
My guess is a fagmented volume, question is if Version 1.0 (still running) is already able to get defragmented. What would be the command to defrag a whole voulme? snfsdefrag -r [volumename] ??


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Uninstalling, Cache files, and the like

Clients/Server xsan 1.1 macos 10.4.1

[=green]•/color I'm having trouble adding Tiger clients that have been re-imaged. They never seem to appear on xsan admin. Clients/server can ping each other over the Metadata Network.

[=green]•/color In xSan 1.1 (Tiger), what files would I clear out to perform an 'uninstall' for a client?

A look at the MDC logs revealed that the MDC continues to 'reach out' to IP addresses of previous SAN clients after they've been removed.

Is the information about previous/current clients held in some kind of cache file? Is this file editable? If I trashed this file, would it force xSan admin to look for new clients? (I'm guessing [=darkred]no/color, but it's worth a shot).


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Is this possible?...


We would like to add a Rorke Galyx60 to our Xsan. Is this possible?

Scott Dominick

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MetaData Volume synced between 2 Xserves via Fiberchannel?

Hello Everyone,

I have a hypthetical for ya...

You have may read another post in this forum section which lays out a problem we have run into involving the need for 1 MetaData Pool per XSan Volume.

I know initially Apple was planning on having 2 Xserves attached via Firewire syncing the Metadata between the 2 controllers. I believe it was found that the Firewire was not quick enough.

So lets take this idea a step furthur. If you were to have a second Fiberchannel card in each of the controllers (Not connected to the fiberchannel switches) that made a point to point connection, would this be fast enough to sync the data back and forth?

If so, perhaps you could have more than 1 MetaData Volume per Controller.

Any thoughts on this? It may be a cheaper solutions than haveing buy additional Xraids simply to use 3 slots of one side souly for metadata.



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Get In the Zone

As anyone who has contemplated setting up an Xsan environ knows, the fibre fabric is the nervous system of the SAN. Fabric refers to all your fibre switches, cabling and HBAs (host bus adapters, the fibre channel cards in your workstations). QLogic fibre switches are Apple's recommended solution, and the manufacturer seems excited to jump into the Apple world. One feature of these switches is zoning ...


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