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HELIOS Server Solutions Now Xsan compatibile


HELIOS today announced that their server solutions are now compatible with Xsan. The press release is [url=]here/url, and some related hype is [url=]here/url. They claim that their [url=]Ethershare/url server-based find file locates documents "1000 times faster than the Apple AFP Server using the same Xsan volume." The suite of apps also includes [url=]Webshare/url, [url=]PCShare/url, [url=]ImageServer/url, [url=]PrintPreview/url, and [url=]PDF HandShake/url. I'd welcome discussion on these, anyone seen them in action?

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Does Xsanity Dfrag work with Xsan 1.1

I saw that Defrag was updated for Xsan 1.01, will it work with Xsan 1.1?


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Controlling access to System Properties


How can you totally stop software update running on OD clients ?

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Open Directory


How do you configure OD in such a way as to create a group and have any member of that group create files or folders that have them as the owner but the group set to the group of which they are a member?

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XSAN client on ADIC FS 2.4 Windows MDC

I have scoured the one page in the Admin guide and tried and tried to mount the ADIC Filesystem (Volume in Apple speak) on an XSAN client to no avail.

Noone seems to know how to do this for real.

Can anyone give me a step by step recipe for success for this?

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data/file loss on LA Filmfest

I'm working on the LA Filmfest Xsan and they had a power issue. (someone had plugged the hub into the wall instead of the supplied UPS) So.. now the volume shows a couple of levels of folders and files and then nothing below the 2nd level. Advice? cvfsck? Hm...

If anyone has any advice, I'm at brysonark on AIM or

I'll report back...

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Initial 1.1 experiences...

We've just completed our first Xsan for Pro Video class using Tiger and Xsan 1.1 (8M30). A few reflections on the state of the new software...

• Xsan admin is much more responsive and more verbose. There is a lot of feedback in the lower left hand corner of the GUI as to exactly what is going on.

• Volume expansion by means of adding LUNs to existing non-metadata Storage Pools still doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to hear if anyone actually has gotten this to work. Remember, we're not creating new Storage Pools, we want to add LUNs to ones that already exist to gain a performance benefit.

• The Xsan User Quotas app is a stroke of genius (now if they only designed an icon for it). End users can now run it and get real-time feedback on where they or their group stand on their quotas, and not have to wonder why they get -1425 errors all of a sudden.

• A new binary, snmetadump, is in the bin folder. No man page for it and no info on it on the ADIC site (as far as I can see). My guess is that it allows you to move metadata for either migrational of salvage purposes.

• Soft failovers (by failing the volume in cvadmin) are almost imperceptible to the end users! Failovers during writes no longer crash clients. In fact, reads and writes pause for just a second before they continue.

• It seems that either Xsan 1.1 or Tiger is asking more of Ethernet switches. We have rather crappy switches in our class, and sometimes we are overloading them. This manifests in the MDC running its processor really heavy until we simply recycle the power on the private network Ethernet switch. It reinforces the need to have high quality Ethernet switches for both the public and private nets.

Please post your experiences!


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Xsan Workflow Question: Opinions on best way to work


We completed our install of a 7 seat xsan system for FCP and I am now looking for opinions on organizing the muse of the system in our edit suites. Some particulars:

We have a reality show in-house which will be the primary group on the system. The project has some 1300 hours of DV footage which is being loaded by several logging/loading stations. This footage is then carefully logged (after it is ingested) with all sorts of info in comment columns etc..

In addition, there is an assistant editor station responsible for syncing this footage prior to the edit.

The edit room will be working as this is happening.

My working theory:

Have a main FOOTAGE project which contains all logged and sync'd media. This would be read only to all stations save the assistant.

Then I assume individual projects for each LOGGING station. This is where the material gets ingested to and logged. These would be read-only to everyon except the originating logger. The assistant then could either drag the bins across into the FOOTAGE project or the loggers could export xml of their completed work.

The EDIT projects would be read only to all except the originating editor.

Am I headed down the wrong path there? Is there an easier system? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. Also thanks for building this forum.

Ian B. Wile

HD/ Digital Film Mastering
Broadcast Offline/Online
Post Supervision and Consultation
Full Audio Post
Studio: 212-366-5011

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RSCN caused by client reboot

I am seeing video XSAN clients drop frames and stop digitising when any of the other G5s attached to the Qlogic 5202 switches (linked by two 10gig uplinks) reboot. The only way to stop this is to physically remove the fibre cables from the rebooting machine before a reboot is initiated.

The SAN is four XSERVE RAIDs with an MD and Journal LUN on one controller and the other seven controllers (all formatted as six drives and a hot spare) are in one pool and volume. We are using two 5202s connected together with 10Gb connectors and IOstreamguard is enabled on the initiator ports.

We have Apple fibre HBAs and are running OS X 10.3.9, XSAN 1.0.1 and FCP 4.5.

I am getting 260MB/s per client but this RSCN issue is really pissing me off!

Can anyone assure me it is not normal? I have not bult an XSAN before.

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Issues with XSAN...Anyone Care to comment?

1. I believe there is an obvious Bug with the XSAN Admin Application when setting up a 'client-only' (non-controller) via the GUI.

Scenario: After having established a functional dedicated Xserve G5 MetaData Controller as well as establishing a dedicated XServe G4 Backup MetaData Controller as members on a private GbEthernet Network, as well as connected to our Public LAN/Intranet, upon trying to add an additional host as a 'Client-Only' to the private GbEthernet XSAN network, the option to force the client to 'talk' to the SAN over the private network is not available to choose from. It is grayed out and non selectable. It defaults to our Public LAN/Intranet network which causes the volumes to disconnect erratically. I have tried setting the network ports in different priority settings and neither setting resolve the problem. The only way I see currently to force an intended 'client-only' connection is to change the setting to a 'Controller' and setting the Priority to 'LOW' and having it participate on the now selectable private GbEthernet network.

XSAN MDC Settings = Controller Priority 'HIGH' Public Ethernet: Private Ethernet:
XSAN Backup MDC Settings = Controller Priority 'MEDIUM' Public Ethernet: Private Ethernet:
XSAN Host Client Setting = Client (Grayed out option for popup menus to select private network address) Public Ethernet: Private Ethernet:

There needs to be a way to bind the 'Client-Only' type XSAN host to the Private Network which there currently is not. Unless I am misinterpreting the configurations this is a severe problem that I have seen others make mention of on discussion boards, both on Apple's website as well as on sites that focus on this XSAN product.

2. I believe there is a definite oversight in the Admin GUI application when it comes to assigning LUNS to storage pools to create XSAN volumes. It does not disable used LUNS when a multi-SAN storage fabric exists.

Scenario: I have setup two separate independent SAN's that share the same Fiber Channel Switch Fabric. I have not setup any FC Switch Segmenting to isolate the Storage so both SAN's see all the LUNs available. I have two separate Private MetaData Networks to handle the MetaData traffic but I have discovered that when setting up a new volume through the XSAN Admin Application, if a LUN has already been used in a pre-existing Pool it is still available to select to add to a separate SAN's Storage Pool which can have instant impact or lead to instant data loss. This forces the System Administrator to manually keep track of each LUN used for each separate SAN. I believe this to be a bug. I would hope that the used LUN, regardless of the FC Switch Fabric not being segmented, to show in the XSAN Admin Application a status of a given LUN preferably 'used' or grayed out from the selectable RAW XRAID Storage back-end of selectable LUNS.

3. With a XSAN Volume created as an Project Archives repository that contains QuarkXpress files, If an end user accessing the storage via an AFP share from an Xserve front-end to the XSAN Volume on the back end, If that user opens a Quark file directly from the Server over the network and tries to save the file to overwrite or to a new location on the server the client as well as the server and MDC and Backup MDC will lock up and force the need to reboot to regain stability. This problem is an administrative nightmare.


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