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Xsan 1.1 Update Available for Download

Xsan 1.1 Update for 10.4

Xsan 1.1 Update for 10.3.9

Xsan Admin 1.1 Update (10.3.9 or 10.4.1)

The much-anticipated Xsan 1.1 updates are finally available for download. While each of the three above are obtainable via Software Update, you might prefer to check out these standalone installers. The release brings Tiger compatibility, new documentations, and a number of performance improvements, but no few new features. The updates are free, and your existing Xsan serial numbers will of course continue to work. Don't forget to return to our forums to discuss your update experiences.

From the release notes:

Important Notes:
If any system in your SAN is running Xsan 1.1 on Mac OS X v10.4, then your metadata controllers must also run the same. You can't use a metadata controller running on Mac OS X v10.3 if any client is running Xsan 1.1 on Mac OS X v10.4.

We read this to mean the following: If all your systems are running OS 10.3, a mix of Xsan 1.0.1 and 1.1 is O.K. But if any client has OS 10.4 and Xsan 1.1, then you must upgrade your metadata controllers to OS 10.4 and Xsan 1.1.

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Updated Omnigraffle Stencils

Torrey Loomis of Silverado Systems has updated a set of Xsan stencils for use with OmniGraffle.

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TeleScope Enterprise Now Xsan Compatible


North Plains Systems garnered a bit of attention last week at WWDC with [url=]this announcement/url that their digital asset management software is now compatible with both Tiger Server and Xsan. They tout a pretty tall client list — Boeing, Feld Entertainment, Harcourt, HarperCollins Publishers, International Monetary Fund, Ogilvy and Mather, Publicis Groupe, Relizon, Thomson Learning, Viacom and Warner Bros — heck, even [url=]Playboy/url jumped on the bandwagon. Anyone care to share your experience with the software?

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A Smart Idea?

Everyone says to keep these Metadata pools off its Volume's controllers, but would it be a good idea to have 3 metadata Volumes use the same controller for their metadata pools? This sounds like a good idea because it uses the 7 (hard to divide) bays of the Xserve RAIDs efficiently, instead of making 1 (2 drive) Metadata pool and some random 5 drive pool that can not be added into any other similar drive pool because that would waste a lot of drives and speed.

Just curious what experienced users might think of this before I order anything.

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Xsan 1.1

Xsan 1.1 has been announced at WWDC, and the marketing pages at Apple have been updated...check it out.

There are no public updates at this point. Stay tuned...


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Data Archive for XSAN


I am looking for a solution to archive data stored on XSAN. I understand Retrospect is a capable application for storing large amounts of content and supported on Tiger.

An AIT tape drive attached via SCSI to a client is an option, but I am interested in what is in the field and operational. I want to remain on an Apple solution, and avoid the use of Storenext.

Has anyone used or seen the Quantum SDLT product line?

What popular archive solutions are you seeing in the field?

Thanks in advance-

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Atto Technology Celerity HBAs


Has anyone on the forum been successful using Atto Technology Celerity FC-21PS HBAs? Single channel 2GB card optical. Any feedback or knowledge is greatly appreciatted.

Thanks in advance.

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Apple Xraids of different capacity...the good..the ugly?

I am planing on an implementation of XSAN that incorporates three Xraids of differing storage capacity. Each Xraid is loaded with the uniform capacity drives. However, each capacity varies.

What potential problems and or issue do I need to be aware of when creating the XSAN volume. Will there be long term issues encountered. Do varying capacities matter?

Thanks in adavance.

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How To Create a Private Ethernet Network

The private Ethernet network for metadata is one of the more obscure parts of an Xsan. The goal is to create a very low-latency communications channel for SAN metadata. In other words, when a client clicks "Capture Now," it needs to ask the metadata controller for the location of free space on the SAN. You want the metadata controller to return its response with no delay.

See below for some tips about this network.

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adding clients

Greetings all!!

Have just set up my first test XSAN. Have a mounted volume on my controller so I know it works.

I'm having trouble adding client systems to the SAN
IP network is correct, all pingable.

Reading through the documentation this should be easy.
I install the software on the client mac I open the admin and select the san
expecting the new client to show up in the Computers window, so I can
define its role and add a serial.

Can only get this to show up if I log into local machine (new entry in the
components list) then it shows up and I define its role then.
However this doesn't let me connect to the SAN

Forgive my ignorance, what am I doing wrong?




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