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How to Convert FLV to Quicktime on Mac

How to Convert [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]FLV to Quicktime/url on Mac

Sometimes, you may download a piece of useful video from YouTube and want to play it in Quicktime, but you always get an error from the application. That's a normal problem. As we know, most videos on YouTube are FLV format, while apple applications like Quicktime high support MOV format. At this time, a good [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]FLV to Quicktime Converter/url is a demand.

The [url=http://www.league-soft.com/mac-video-converter.html]Video Converter for Mac/url is really a smart program which is popular among video lovers. It will help you make almost all the video and audio conversions with high efficiency. You can also add special features to the output video through trimming, cropping, adding subtitle, loading watermarks and so on. The most important thing is the lossless output quality which is satisfied. From the below tutorial, you will know more about this program and get some help.

How to [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]Convert FLV to Quicktime on Mac/url?

In order to know well about the program, you'd better download it first and try to make the conversion as following steps.

Note: This tutorial is for Mac users, if your are a Window user, please go to the Video Converter for Windows guide for more information.

Step1. Import FLV files

Download and run this [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]FLV to Quicktime Converter/url. You can click "Edit" item on the tool bar to import files or just conveniently drag the selected FLV files to the program. Batch conversion is supported too.

Step 2. Make editions

Before FLV to Quicktime conversion, you can make editions such as trimming, cropping, adding subtitle, loading watermarks to make your output video more perfect and special. You can click "Edit" icon shown in picture 1, all the tasks will be finished on one interface.

Step 3. Select the correct output profile

Because MOV is the format of Quicktime, here you should click “Output Setting” icon and select MOV as your output format in the "Format" list.

Step 4. Start to [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]convert FLV to Quicktime/url

Please click "Convert" button at the bottom right, conversion will begin at fast speed and superb quality. You can also stop and delete the conversion during the process.

Tips on FLV to Quicktime Converter for Mac:

1. You can adjust the video and audio codec, resolution, frame rate and bit rate by clicking “Options” item in the "Output Setting" menu for better enjoyment.

2. This program supports to convert videos and audios for playback on various portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, Apple TV, PSP and so on.

3. If you make batch conversion, you can set the "After conversion" mode on the conversion interface. It provides you "Put computer to sleep", "Shut down my computer" and "Do nothing" three mode options.

Get this [url=http://www.league-soft.com/how-to/convert-flv-to-quicktime-mac.html]FLV to Quicktime Converter for Mac/urlhere!

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Jump on the XSAN bandwagon ...now?

I maintain a boutique post house. We have 6 edit bays running a mixture of MC and FCP, off an 8 year old Avid Unity 4.2.4 SAN. It's impressive how it's holding up but it means we can't upgrade past 10.6.8.

We're considering switching to Premiere Pro CS6 and XSAN, and adding more clients. It's enticing because we have almost all the components in place - all Mac clients, XServe, Qlogic 5602, 4Gb FC RAID, fiber runs, 4Gb HBAs... so we can get a "real" file-level locking SAN for a very low cost. Most other systems are turnkey, which means a major investment and a headache trying to sell off our old gear.

According to [url=http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3755]this/url, XSAN 3 (on ML, naturally) can support clients all the way back to 10.6.8.

Two main questions:

1. It seems like there's little activity on Xsanity these days (compared to 2006-2009). I'm wondering, is this because people are abandoning the platform... or because XSAN 3 is so easy and great that no one needs help with it anymore?

2. A few years ago I worked for system integrator and helped with a bunch of XSAN installations. I haven't touched an XSAN since 2010, but I do remember how touchy it can be to set up. Two areas were particularly notorious - permissions/ACLs and Spotlight search. Have those improved?


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Xsan client not seeing all LUNs

So, we have a couple dozen clients on our Xsan with two volumes. One with Promise storage, and another with Active storage.

I've got a peculiar issue with just one single client where they can only see the Promise storage LUNs. I can normally fix this issue for about a week or so by unplugging the fibre cable from the machine, plug it into another, see ALL the LUNs, then plug it back into the original machine and have all the LUNs available.

It's only an issue with this one machine, and I've tried replacing SFPs, cables, HBAs, and even recently, replaced the fibre switch. The only thing I can think of at this point is maybe something is jacked up on the client side. Maybe the fibre channel HBA drivers are messed up or something, I don't know.

Any ideas?

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10.8 OD/AD / Magic Triangle?


Hey everyone. I'm curious for those who have upgraded to 10.8 how you set up your user/group accounts. Are you using AD only? AD/OD Magic Triangle (does this still work?).

I just installed 10.8 server on a test box, but the OD setup is confusing me.

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significant fluctuation of hard drive space on SAN?

recently i have seen that one minute i have say, 800gb on the SAN…. and the next, 1.26TB…
and then back again, to say, 986GB and then later…. 1.2TB….

without any type of data input / extraction

its unsettling and confusing to see I'm 300GB under a TB and then an hour later see that i'm 400GB greater.

do any of you know why this could be?

the only input/output i can think of is presstore archive jobs, but currently none are running... any ideas about what could cause this fluctuation?

it's an ActiveRAID, 10.7 server for the MDCs, pretty vanilla setup.

also, having a lot of issues with folders being greyed out, which appear to be a bug with finder in 10.7 (i can access them through terminal)

and also, what happens if someone creates a folder but neglects to set the affinity? can that be set after the fact, and what happens if you dont?

thanks guys!

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Fatal Metadata inode error

Dear friends:

My Xsan system did not mount after a Metacontroller transfer. When using cvfsck -wv command, the following error was given:

Attempting to acquire arbitration block... successful.

  • Fatal*: Metadata inode for stripe group 'MetadataAndJournal' has been damaged. Giving up.

PANIC: cvfsck ASSERT failed "idinobuf.idi_flags & InodeFlagMetaData" file cvfsck.c, line 5832
Abort trap

Appreciate someone could help me fix this.

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X serve locks up at log in

We are running a G5 Xserve (running 10.6) as are Primary MDC for a Xsan. I noticed it was locked up about a week ago and that the secondary MDC was running the Xsan. When we rebooted the Xserve it will go to the log in screen and after about 2 seconds we the rainbow wheel. I have tried booting up resetting the NVRAM, in Verbose mode, in Safe mode, in Single user mode and I even tried booting off the install disc too but all lead to the rainbow wheel lock up. We pulled the fiber card (even switched it with another), reseed the RAM but still nothing works.

Last resort is to rebuild and reformat... which I really do not what to do since I am not a IT guy but just have enough knowledge to really screw things up.

Any ideas or something I have not tried?

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Xsan 2.2 Permissions Issue

16Tb Xsan
Xsan 2.2
Two fiber attached stations
Non fiber users connecting via nfs auto-mount
2 MDCs
Using ACL to set permissions.

Experiencing permission issues when users create, read, write files. It is very sporadic of a case. Some users will be able to read/write
files/folders & there are some who cannot with the same files/folders.

For example:
One user will create a folder and add in content, but others users will have trouble accessing the data.

Propagating permissions, via Xsan Admin, usually fixes the issues, but it doesn't resolve the issue of why this is happening.

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Promise X30 issue - Command times out on 10 disk


Hi all.

I get theese errors on my X30 48TB raid , 10 disks makes command time out at same time, all 10 disk, in that raid6 is controlled by controller 2. Promise has sent me a new controller, and i have installed it, but the command times out is still here.

When i changes all traffic to controller 1, i dont see the issue. I have now received a new chassis from Promise, that we are gonna try.

The command time out, makes XSAN crash totally, finder is not responding on all machines, including metadata controllers. Which is normal i guess , if XSAN is loosing a LUN.

Any suggestions???


Error log from NVRAM events.

417PD 240x000D0003InfoNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset416PD 240x000D0011MinorNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk415PD 230x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset414PD 230x000D0011MinorNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk413PD 200x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset412PD 200x000D0011MinorNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk411PD 190x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset410PD 190x000D0011MinorNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk409PD 160x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset408PD 160x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk407PD 120x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset406PD 120x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk405PD 110x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset404PD 110x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk403PD 80x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset402PD 80x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk401PD 70x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset400PD 70x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk399PD 40x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:51:09Physical Disk has been reset398PD 40x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:51:09Command times out on physical disk397PD 150x000D0003InfoNov 4,
2012 21:07:14Physical Disk has been reset396PD 150x000D0011MinorNov 4, 2012 21:07:14Command times out on physical disk

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Premiere Pro CS6 Permissions

We're evaluating moving to Premiere Pro CS6 from FCP7. We ran into a problem and I'm wondering if anyone else has hit this wall...

Basically if edit station A saves a project, then edit station B can open and manipulate the project but cannot save it unless he is the POSIX owner of the file. Premiere Pro doesn't seem to respect Group or Other permissions, nor the ACLs.

Going to reach out to Adobe tomorrow.


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