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How to get Xsan 2.2?


We're running our xserve's on 10.6.8, tried upgrading but the lack of server features has kept us at Snow Leopard.

We want to start using Xsan but it seems apple no longer sells xsan licenses because it is included with

How are we supposed to use xsan with Snow Leopard if we cannot get licenses, as well as not beginning able to upgrade to 10.8.....

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Drive Errors not being logged in RAID ADMIN


Hi all,

New user to this site...We have a 5 XRAID stack that hasn't logged any drive errors since September. We have cleared error lights, but errors are not being logged. Any ideas why they would stop recording? Thanks in advance for your help.


Xsan Admin displays incorrect "Volume is not running" alert after upgrading Xsan metadata controllers to Lion (Apple KB)

After upgrading an Xsan metadata controller (MDC) from Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard to OS X Lion, Xsan Admin may display a warning triangle over an Xsan volume. Hovering the mouse pointer over the warning triangle reveals the following alert:
"Volume is not running on"
This message appears even though there is an fsm process for the volume running on the MDC named in the message.

Read more:

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[For Sale] Xsan Setup :)

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this (Sorry Aaron, please move/delete?) however a client is decommissioning their Xsan setup to be replaced by a 10G EditShare solution at the end of this month.

They have a bit of kit for sale, which may be useful to someone as some dump space or archival space as another volume in their Xsan setup - or indeed, as a DAS.

I'm unsure on item values shock: so make reasonable offers please. The client would sell this to you, and would be sold as a business asset therefore subject to VAT. Please reply in-thread or to joel [*]

Items are all located in W1W (Fitzrovia, London, UK) and ideally you would collect if far away (no original packaging/boxing) or a point-to-point courier would drop it off if nearby.

- TWO QLogic 5600s with fully activated ports (thats 16 SFP + 4 XPAK)
- 2 XPAK stacking cables./quote

- 16x 1TB drives (Enterprise Seagate ES.2)
- Single Controller
- Dual PSU
- 2 x 4Gb FC ports
- I will update the firmware to support 3TB drives before it ships.
- Loads of spare (probably a full set) of drive caddies
- Front panel is present but has a missing clip, some small superglue work would stick it back on and make it ready to use. Holding it in place with one hand and using the other to navigate it works - the panel works entirely, just clip is broken on one side. Anything done from the front panel can be done from the WebGUI./quote

[b]Apple XRAID/b
- 14x 750GB drives (original Apple parts)
- Dual Controller
- Dual PSU
- 2 x 4Gb FC ports/quote

[b]HBAs / SFPs/b
- 8x Apple Dual Channel 4Gb FC PCIe cards
- 16x Matching 850nm SFPs/quote

There are 8+ Xsan2 licenses as well, but no original COAs can be found so unsure on their value, if any.

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server monitoring


As a website monitoring entity, we periodically test your website for connections errors as well as database issues, and other web failures. Among the features of our web monitoring service are timely alerts of website outages, as well as reports on other uptime statistics, performance, and other relevant data. You may also customize the alerts that we will send to you, especially if you have some scheduled downtime for website maintenance. Aside from that, we have different [url=]website monitoring/url options from HTTP authentication, to web server connectivity checks.

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Apple/LSI 4gbit card - purple LED


We have a Apple/LSI quad 4gbit card here with three white status LEDs - and one purple status LED. I can't even find purple in the manual, and it does not seem to be recognized by the OS at all. If I swap out a known-good card it comes up fine.

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2.3 clients on a 3.0 XSAN?


Greetings gentlemen!

I just built a new 10.8.1 / xsan 3.0 san.
all the new MDCs, other servers, and 2 edit machines upgraded to 10.8.1 and connect just fine.

2 of the edit machines are older Intel mac pros.

Couldn't go up to 10.8, so we went to 10.7.5. They should be able to join the XSAN, but i get the same error on both when trying to add. They both authenticate, then fail to write the config files.

Is there something easy I may be missing? Or is there a mac pro hardware requirement that I don't know about?

Any help appreciated!


DNS/ OD is solid

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ERROR: E_COM Error in comms channel to LDS

Hey guys,

I've looked all over the forum about this error msg and couldn't find anything.

I'm getting this error msg "ERROR: E_COM Error in comms channel to LDS (LDS did not complete request)" while transcoding and copying a JPEG image from the XSAN Library to a network device. But the weird thing is that it happens ONLY with this image. Never happened before, and i tried with different users but no success.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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ATTO 16Gb fiber channel


Anyone using ATTO 16Gb fiber channel HBAs or switches yet?

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StorNext FX client to access Xsan volume


basically, i have followed all the steps in the xsan 2.2 administrator's guide on "Combining Xsan Controllers and A StorNext Clients".
right now, storNext client on windows machine can perfectly detect the xsan Volumn , mount it and status is available...

however the problem is, i can not access it... completely no permission.

i am suspecting i also need to configure something on the xsan? e.g. adding a client and mount xsan volume on the client (in my case the storNext windows machine), setting up another San user? anything else? i can not find any procedures documented on this...

so i tried to add a client computer from the Xsan admin. however, when authenticating (i am prompted to provide an administrator account/password on the client computer, in my case the storNext windows machine, to authenticate), it always says the client computer is "Unreachable or offline". however, no firewall on the windows machine, the client (windows storNext windows machine) IP can perfectly be pinged and as i said above the storNext client on windows can perfectly see all the LUNs, detect the Xsan volumn and mount it. it is definitely not a metadata network or fiber channel network issue.

your help to troubleshot is greatly appreciated.

btw, I am running xsan 2.2(248) on Mac OS X Server 10.6.7
storNext file system client 3.5.2 Build 15359 (built for windows XP/2003/vista/2008) AMD64 bits version on windows 7 though.


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