Looking for second hand Active Raid storage

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I'm looking for a ActiveRaid main chassis (with or without drives) or expansions chassis to replace an Expansion chassis that is giving me trouble. I'm also looking for some spare Active raid controllers.

We are a post-production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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I wouldn't be surprised if we would see Active RAID products coming back in some form

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I have heard that too.

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Contact me @ nicolas@cybercat.ca or via direct messages, we might have one or 2 main chassis (one unit with 16 1 tb drives and another with 16 2 tb drives).

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Damn.. That was supposed to be my email address... it's nicolas at cybercat dot ca

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Please contact Active Storage at info@active-storage.com or (805) 375-1133 or checkout www.active-storage.com.