M is for....

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Hi all

The Active Storage website is teasing us!
Let's see on monday what M is all about...


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Doh. Not spoken to Paul in awhile...

Any hints on what it could be?

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Aaron Freimark
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Looks interesting... Is it 8GB fibre channel?

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We have been following this (as we are a reseller) and you can read the latest info about the mMedia platform on our blog here: http://www.jigsawbroadcast.com/news/jigsaw-brings-you-the-lowdown-on-new...

We are posting updates as regularly as we get them: http://www.twitter.com/Jigsaw_Systems

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Hey folks. Ask questions here and we'll try to get answers for you.

Our Active rep tells me that mRAID is 8G fiber channel.

The mVault requires an mRAID head unit, and connects via 6G SAS.

Magnify the PDF brochure to see some details about the rear panel of the mRAID: Pwr 1 & 2, UPS, Controller A & B, "Expansion" A & B, Env Mgr LOM (Environment Manager Lights Out Management), and "To EXP". Each controller has FC 1-4, SAS Expansion, and an RJ-45 Manage port.

I wonder what those expansion slots are for?

"[url=http://www.levelsbeyond.com]Levels Beyond/url" seems to be an important component of the system. Anyone have experience with the company?

Aaron Freimark
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Also wondering about Levels Beyond "Reach Engine", what it does, how much it costs, what's their relationship with Active, etc.

mVault seems like a great product, it would be interesting to do a comparison between this and the closest competitor for dense storage: NexSAN.

One question I have is the size of that chassis. The NexSAN E60/B60 unit didn't fit in my standard size racks -- they are over 40" long. If the mVault also has 60 drives, it would be hard to imagine it being much different.

Also I wonder if the mVault has any similar MAID technology built in -- a lot of that data will sit for months untouched... Why waste the power? Although since this is significantly cheaper than the E60, I don't know if you will care much about the power savings.

One thing is for sure, if I was starting over, I would seriously look at ActiveSAN,mRaid,mVault combo.

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I have seen the non-functional unit and read through the brocure and forums, but the questions remain. What does this Storage Array offer that is not out there already?

8x 8Gb is better than the previous AS ES offering.
Additional front-end bandwidth implies higher throughput, but no performance claims have been made.

How many streams of uncompressed 10-bit HD can we get now and how does it compare with the Promise VTrack E630FD?

Next generation Intel processor sounds really good. What is the speed and how much cache does this unit offer now?

The Vault looks cool but the interesting position of the system as archive implies it is slow storage but the M head unit should have 2400MB/sec of bandwidth between each controller or 4800MB/sec between the two.

So 2 questions for Vault:
1) Can it be used for post-production editing of 2K/4K or DPX/TIFF?
2) All published info shows a head unit + 1 Vault for up to 228TB. Can it actually scale out to a head unit + 6x Vaults for 1.1PB?

Any chance the two additional unidentified canisters could be for future SBC's (single board computer) capable of running Stornext MDC? It's a reach I know, but it would be interesting...

Cam Cam Cam

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Based on feedback from two colleagues who were at the Storage Visions.

So 2 questions for Vault:
1) Can it be used for post-production editing of 2K/4K or DPX/TIFF?
2) All published info shows a head unit + 1 Vault for up to 228TB. Can it actually scale out to a head unit + 6x Vaults for 1.1PB? /quote

the mVault is Near-Line Storage and yes it can scale out,
From the Media brochure "When combined with mRAID, mVault can scale to Petabytes of near-line content archive."
Pictures from the back of the unit show 4 SAS ports per controller on the mVault, the mRAID only has one SAS port per controller

3 x mRAID for an On-Line SAN (Gross 144TB) can do Multi-stream HD, 2K, 4K Production, How many....dunno.. yet

the two additional unidentified canisters/quote
interesting observation..