Really Need Help Please!Xserve XRAID Volume Keeps Unmounting

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I recently had a 14 Drive Apple RAID drop a drive and I immediately replaced the bad drive with a new drive so it could rebuild. Drives 1-7 are RAID5 handled by Upper Controller and Drives 8-14 are RAID5 handled by the lower controller.

I noticed the next day before the rebuild was almost done that the Volume had unmounted and didn't think much of it until the RAID rebuilt successfully and I rebooted everything to sync everything back. I thought all was good until the Volume on drives 1-7 started to unmount by itself. It will not stay up for more than 15 minutes. If I reboot the RAID or Xserve it always comes back.

I tried different cables, different ports on the Fibre controller, swaped different RAID Controller cards and even moved all the 7 drives into a different RAID chassis and the problem always follows the 7 drives in question, which is drives 1-7. I've just finished a parity rebuild, which did not help. I'm running another parity rebuild right now.

I would copy the data off onto the RAID which is identical but the Volume that the data is on won't stay mounted long enough to start and substantial copying of data.

I've looked at the console logs and RAID Admin logs, which didn't help much. I'm really at wits and do not know what to do at this point. I believe the issues is not card, cable or chassis related but part of the 7 drives but don't know how to fix this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Can you Post MDC logs and XSAN Raid Logs?

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I know this may sound weird but I deleted all my sharepoints and then volume now stays mounted. I can't explain but I thought I start clean do things that might not be related. I'll post a follow up if I find out exactly what it was.

Thanks for replying to my post.