Networking with 2 Ethernets

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We are running xSAN on Mac OS 10.11. We have two Mac Mini’s working as MetaData Controllers. 4 fiber SAN volumes. 8 Edit Stations. They are all configured with two ethernets. One public (10.x.x.x) and one private (196.x.x.x). The private is used for xSAN and public for company network access and internet access.

When we reboot it isn’t uncommon for one of the 4 volumes not to mount. To force it to mount, we have been uninstalling the profile and re-add the profile in order to get the volumes to mount. This happens whether the private network is primary or secondary in the Network preferences.

We find the SAN works better with permissions etc, if the private network is first in the Network preferences, however, when it is, the end user cannot get outside internet access. Are there any suggestions to route outside traffic whilst keeping the private network in the primary position?