Anyone trying out El Capitan?

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Anyone trying out the new release?

Note: this year is different from the past and the developer forums are indexed by the major search engines, so anything discussed there is not as restricted as years past.

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I'm also curious if the good old Final cut Pro 7.0.3 works with El Capitan.

Anyone knows about it?

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I am also question about it now, can anyone who can give me a answer? Thanks for your effort. click here to know more about my question.

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i think 7.0.3 is dead. It doesn't seem to work in 10.10.4 either.

-Trevor Carlson

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Y'all should look at it. The devforum post notes that a main Xsan feature in El Capitan is DLC client support.

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Will try to test out El Capitan ASAP. Need to test DLC client with an existing StorNext setup.


Mat X