Cluster with Compressor 4

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Anybody tried setting up a cluster with the new compressor, on multiple xserves? Is is faster / more stable.

Is i working with Final Cut Server, and watch folders.


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I gave up Qmaster for Episode many moons ago. I am also keen to find out the feedback to the OP :)

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Compressor 4 will not work with FCSvr. It will break encoding if installed because of how the new app store all-in-one paradigm embeds Qmaster in the app. There are no more daemon clusters in Compressor 4. I haven't tried building a cluster with 4, but I wouldn't want to anyway since they can't operate as daemons. Lame!

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But you can still set a qmaster folder, on the XSAN. For the Controller, so it should be able to work in FCServer. As far i can see, but i will do the test on a some machines this week.

I still think compressor cluster is sweet, compared to the price of a Episode cluster. I can convert 1.2 TB XDCAM 1920 * 1080 50mbps in under 8 hours to Proress Proxy 1920 * 1080. So its pretty fast. Thats on 2 * 12 Core Xserves, on a 100TB XSAN.

But i will try to setup Compressor 4, with a watch folder workflow in FCServer, this week.

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It won't work. When you've proven it doesnt work, you can restore functionality to FCSvr's encoding via Compressor 3.5 by moving Compressor 4 to it's own folder in /Applications.