Error adding Lion Client

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Sorry for the re-post...

So we had 10.6.8 MDCs and due to a new FCP machine being added to the Xsan, we chose to upgrade the MDCs to Lion... seriously, how hard can it be???

Anyhoo... 2 days later...

i've finally got the 1 server at least upgraded (or rather erased and freshly installed). So it has Lion 10.7 with all the server add on bits (the download from the App Store, and the Server tools). The xsan is ticking along under control of the old MDC1 still running 10.6.

The plan is/was to get on MDC on to lion, fail over to it, and then upgrade the 2nd.

Currently i'm trying to add the newly upgraded server to the Xsan via the 10.6 MDC, but it either crashes out (i get a re-open choice) or during the add, i get a yellow warning triangle, and a message telling me that it can't add apply the serial number - Xsan Admin is telling me that the it' an unlimited one.

Not sure what to do now... I'm stuck.


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you cant add a lion client to snow SAN. it writes and looks for files in different places in lion. there are posts on this site to get around this limitation by manually configuring the client but I dont recommend it. why dont you just fresh install MDC's and move your config file up. It sounds like you may need professional help though. lion upgrades are pretty straight forward in my experience. (wiki excluded)

-Trevor Carlson