XSAN 3 - problems creating volume

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I have the following problem with a new XSAN 3 setup: no matter what settings i use (block size, number of blocks, type of volume, etc., cache) i get the same kind of error: the volume is created and mounted and if i copy a file (i.e.: an image) onto it, only the first part is ok. Depending on the block size, i might view the first 50% of the lines of the image or the first 20% or almost all the image (i am using a 300k sample). The only way i was able to use the volume was if i created it using only one data LUN (besides the metadata). With 2 or more LUN's this happens all the time. Any ideas ? I should mention i am using the new Mac Pro's + Sanlink 2 + Qlogic 9200 + VTrak E830f.

Thank you all.