Make sure you have resolvable hostnames before activating a SAN on OS X Server (Yosemite) (Apple KB)

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You must have a fully resolvable hostname before activating a Storage Area Network (SAN) when upgrading or migrating your metadata controller (MDC) to OS X Server (Yosemite), 

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Simple answer is use 10.10.3

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Thanks Bill. I did have a quick question. I noticed there is still not StornextFX support with Xsan4. Any thoughts on when we will see this?

-Trevor Carlson

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Please direct questions about Quantum products to Quantum. I have no dates to offer here.

That said, very little changed at the protocol level between Xsan 3 and Xsan 4. The only changes in the Xsan/SNFS space were that Xsan 4 now supports an fsm telling all of its clients to unmount a volume. I do not know what plans, if any, they have to support this functionality. Also, I do not know what impact the new-and-not-understood messages fsm and fsmpm will send clients will have on the StornextFX clients, nor if there are any other issues of concern.

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Thanks William for your Feedback..