Welcome to Xsanity!

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This is a site dedicated to Apple's Xsan, a new file system promising
fast, scalable, shared storage to video workgroups, IT data centers, and
HPC installations.

At least that's what Apple promises. In reality, Xsan is Apple's most complicated software release to date. Xsan requires tinkering with technologies as diverse as LC-terminated fibre channel cables, multicast DNS, 1080i HD video specifications and more. Few mortals we know have expertise in all these fields.

We founded this site as a community for Xsan users, experts with
individual relevant specialties. Here we can pool our knowledge and maybe
make our jobs just a little easier.

We intend to diversify the leadership of this site by adding moderators from several companies and fields. If you are interested, please write admin@xsanity.com

Aaron, Brandon, Joannou, Nick and Ron