Final Cut Update Problem

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Be careful! A new update for Final Cut Pro was released and since we have downloaded it on one of our systems, FCP will not open. FCP shuts itself down.

[Editor's Note: MacInTouch is reporting "FCP 5.1.2 conflicts with the newest version of Avid codecs. If FCP 5.1.2 crashes at start-up, the solution is to go to Library->Quicktime and remove all Avid codecs."]


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We have taken out the extra plug ins and components but nothing helps. From
what we have heard the problem is a PowerPc based not an Intel bassed?

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I've just upgraded 4 systems this morning from 5.04 to 5.1. I then hit Software
Update and upgraded it 5.1.2. plus all the other updates, but not to OS 10.4.8.
In deed FCP does not open correctly and will say "...has QUIT unexpectedly,"
immediately after launching. After deleting the After Effects Bundle plug-in, it
now works a treat. Very frustrating...