Xsan 1.4.1 released

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The Xsan 1.4.1 Filesystem Update and the Xsan 1.4.1 Admin Update are now available.

The Filesystem update promises fixes for "numerous issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility," while the Admin update promises "overall improved reliability for remotely administering, configuring and maintaining Xsan deployments."

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Being a bit of a unix novice,

In this article for Xsan version 1.1 and earlier
It shows changing directory to cd /Library/Filesysems/Xsan/bin
before using the cvfsck command

For Xsan 1.2 & 1.3 it doesn't list changing to the directory.
Do yo still have to changed directories or run cvfsck from the root directory?



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While it was the first time I ran it, I did not seem to have to change directory's. But, I won't find all the problems until everyone is back from vacation. So far the upgrade has gone well.