Raise a Glass to Xsan at MWSF 07

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Taking a literal step up from last year's event, the Xsanity crew is once again call all alpha-geeks to come out for a drink at Macworld. Not only are we in a better bar than Dave's (is there worse?), not only will have uber-stylin T-shirts for all, but Quantum will be buying the drinks!

Thursday, January 11 @ 8 PM (and on)

Tunnel Top Bar

601 Bush Street

From the Apple Store on Market just walk up Stockton 5 blocks.

The owner is a guy named Ludvig, who says the bar in "the style of Northern France/Spain." I have absolutely no idea what this means. Come find out on Thursday!


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Great party, guys. Thanks to Quantum & Tekserve for making it such a success,
and of course to all 40+ of you who came!

Aaron Freimark

Aaron Freimark
CEO, GroundControl

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It was great to meet MatX, Aaron, Brandon, MacGeekery, Advanced Systems
Group form SF and a few others whose cards I didn't get. And the bar made a
great margarita! Special thanks to Rich & Macky from Quantum, who picked up
the tab and Tekserve for the great T-Shirts!

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w00t w00t

there are other people out there doing Xsan too.

i love it!