Final Cut Server - Preventing proxies from caching locally on Windows XP

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A client of mine wanted to stream Clip Proxies over the network without having Final Cut Server cache every clip locally. On Windows XP, this isn't as easy as it seems.

After doing a lot of investigation to isolate the problem, I found that this issue was occurring at the file system and had zero to do with Final Cut Server or any Final Cut Server specific configuration.

Configuring the Edit-In-Place device for Windows wasn't the problem, that was done correctly. Remember, to correctly configure Edit-In-Place for Windows, you need to enable SMB on the system acting as your Final Cut Server, and configure read access to the volume and folder acting as your Proxies device.

The problem my client had was that no matter what, the Clip Proxies refused to stream and/or play progressively from the server and instead continued to cache locally. This was very undesirable for them because this client had a massive asset library of footage that was 22 minutes in duration or higher. They simply didn't want to have FCSvr cache file locally every single time that needed to preview a video asset.

Also, to further puzzle them Edit-In-Place for the Proxies worked fine for Mac OS X clients.

Diagnostics and Facts and Findings:

Note: I only experienced this issue with Windows XP clients, I tested this with a W2K3 Server VM connecting and all worked fine.

The issue was with Quicktime itself not being able to open the file from the SMB share configured on Mac OS X Server. Also to note, the problem was not with any file and folder access permissions. If I manually surfed and navigated the Proxies share from file system and attempted to open any quicktime file directly, I received an Error -45 message.

I discovered that the root of the problems was inherit
with the default Samba configuration that shipped with Mac OS X Server
10.5.5 Leopard.

Procedure Resolution:

Stop the SMB service on the Mac OS X Server that is your FCSvrand add the following configuration option to the [global] section of the Samba configurations files located at /etc/smb.conf

mangled names = no

Step 1: Launch Server Admin and Stop the SMB service.

Step 2: Open Terminal and type the following command.
sudo vi /etc/smb.conf

Step 3: Authenticate using admin privileges, if prompted.

Press the I key on the keyboard to enable Insert mode in vi and add the following line in the under the [global] section

mangled names = no 

Press the ESC key, then :wq to save the configuration changes.

Step 4: Launch Server Admin and Start the SMB service.

To verify this fix, mount the Proxies Device on a Windows Client:

Step 1: From the Windows Explorer browse to the following path:


In my case this path was

\\Fcsr\proxies\Final Cut Server\Proxies.bundle 

Note: If prompted for a username and password, be sure to select the remember password checkbox. This caches the credentials locally on the Windows client and keeps the Windows client authenticate to the SMB share of the proxies device. You shouldn't need to do this if your Mac OS X Server is bound to Active Directory and your Windows Client are bound to AD as well.

Step 2: Navigate the any directory that has a Clip Proxy and verify that double clicking the file successfully launches the Quicktime Player.

Note: Just to note, for some reason, I can't determine why, every Clip Proxy is giving the name "Untitled" from within the Quicktime Player.


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Well, seems that I have found the exact tips that I am looking for a very long time. I'm
annoyed everytime I am working on my thesis and the proxies
appear all the time makes me feel really irritated. Since I am using a Windows XP for my
Mac, I have to say that I am really behind on what is new OS that I do need for my own
computer. Luckily, I was able to read some of the “How To ...” tips here at this site. Now I
have to say that I am ready to try the tips and wait what will happen or if there could be a
big change at all. I hope that I may able to solve this problem of mine, since I do want to
really dedicate my time in focusing with my thesis.