Promise Releases New x30 Firmware

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Earlier this month, Promise released updated firmware for the VTrak x30 for mac. The new release version is 4.06.0000.01 10.10.2270.01. It is the first upgrade made available by promise for the new "made for mac" strain of their VTrak storage line.

Here is a list of "What's New":

  • Added support for cascading 9 JBOD expansion chassis
  • Performance improvements supporting larger command queue depth
  • Enhanced performance for low queue depths
  • Enhanced support for topology switching (from NL-Port to N-Port)
  • Added greater than 2.1TB drive support
  • Added support for migration using NVRAM watermark
  • Security enhancements for embedded web management server
  • Added Target Port based LUN Mapping & Masking
  • Enhanced online array roaming configurations to support VTrak x10 configurations
  • Added support for Daylight Savings Time start/end for the southern hemisphere
  • Added separate LUN Affinity and ALUA setting
  • Enhanced thermal event reporting
  • Enhanced error recovery conditions for Failover/Failback conditions, JBOD hot insert/remove and FC line disconnections

You can download the new firmware from Promise's support page.


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Small correction from the original post. The correct version should be

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I can see that it has improved Web Security. This aspect is very important, especially when you have important datas in your PC, because on websites always can find all kind of viruses that threatens your security.