Build an Xsan with Thunderbolt Shared Storage

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I saw something wonderful and new at NAB today. The Accuses ExaSAN Thunderbolt shared storage shouldn't exist but there it is. With 16 x 4TB drives and 4 Thunderbolt ports out the back to connect 4 clients (one of which could be a Mac mini acting as a Xsan 4 controller). That leaves 3 spots for Mac clients for a small editing SAN or post-production workflow. Prices to be revealed soon, I hope. Very interesting for small setups.

Blog post with pictures.


Mat X


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Here comes two introduces videos as reference :) => connection => small demo with Xsan

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looks cool, what type of performance should users expect from the box? If you have two, does a client computer simply need to be connected to both?

-Trevor Carlson

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haha that raid admin software looks familiar. cool solution for small SANS. what about options for scaling above these 4 ports? Switching more than 4 ports etc?

-Trevor Carlson

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Hi Trevor,

If you want to go with more than 4 thunderbolt client computer, you could take a look at Accusys PCIE SAN solution.
It could connect 12 thunderbolt clients via using SAN switch
and the thunderbolt to PCIE converter C1M

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Here are some performance test numbers from A16T2Share + Xsan, as below (all is under AJA system tool with setting 4096x2160 10bit RGB, 16GB file size);
- 1200 MB/s on single client accessed
- 1000 MB/s (each client) on two clients accessed simultaneously
- 600 MB/s (each client) on three clients accessed simultaneously

step by step for simple setup