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Xsan4 with StorNext Windows Client Configuration Help!

I wish there was training available or at least more online documentation than what I have found for Xsan4, but there was not and so I wanted to share with you all my story and knowledge. I only had experience with Xsan2 and Xsan4 is completely different. They simplified configuration and do not provide a granular configuration in the GUI, as they did in Xsan2.

It had taken me over 3 weeks to troubleshoot and resolve my issue. Only because I have found that some of the new hardware that we had purchased were at fault. We always assume that new hardware is in good working order straight out of the box.

My advice to you ... always keep in mind that EVERY component that you have in your implementation can be FAULTY/BAD! Never overlook any possibility!!

Because I have ran into issues immediately during my initial setup, I immediately blamed Xsan version 4, but guess what!? ... I'm now using it and it's doing everything I need it to do!!

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Poor SMB reshare write performance


Our 10.8.5 Xsan 3 SAN is reshared by an Xserve via AFP and SMB. Currently AFP performance is as good as 100MB/sec for read and write but SMB performance on Windows clients is terrible, with only about 40MB/sec read and <10MB/sec write.

Is anyone else resharing via SMB to Windows clients? How is your performance?

Some additional notes:
-Not isolated to our reshare server. I setup a test SMB reshare off the backup MDC with the same results.
-OS X SMB clients perform better than Windows - as good as 60-70MB/sec read and write.
-Definitely Xsan related - shares off the boot volume SMB performance is fine.

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P5 Backup XSAN to Windows Server (without using stornext)

I'm researching backup solutions for an XSAN that will soon be over 100TB, and had a couple of questions.

With P5, is it possible to backup an XSAN to a Windows server, without attaching the Windows Server to the XSAN using Stornext? Due to the size of the XSAN, it would also be nice if it were possible to do so using 10GbE (or similar). I want to maintain the ability to use XSAN features that aren't supported with Stornext clients, while being able to backup to our existing Windows infrastructure, and using something faster than GbE due to the large amount of data.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but the backup will be disk-to-disk.

Thanks in advance for any advice along these lines.

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